Best Fronds

by The Ferns

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released December 8, 2016

Recorded, Produced and Mastered by the Fudge Brothers
Hamilton, Ontario
Fall 2016

All songs by Dunn/Honsberger
Except "What Am I Going To Do?" by Tim Granada
Auto-harp on "Yearning" by Meg Boni



all rights reserved


The Ferns Hamilton, Ontario

thank you! thanks for listening!
Kurty Fern
Lukey Fern

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Track Name: He's Goin' Bald
Love you long time, college on daddy's dime
I'm so touched by the peeps
Something, something refugees
I'm so cold to it all
Only text, never call

She is cruel, and that is cool
Too young to play the fool
Born with love, a nice home
Tattoo of Frida Kahlo
Girl should know, not his fault
Twenty-one, going bald

He's going bald.
Track Name: Give It Up, Joe
So, what is love?
I've asked myself many times
I'm on the run
And I never get what I deserve

So give it up, Joe

If God is love
Then why can't I turn you into wine?
Skeet-shooting doves
If I cannot then none shall fly

So give it up, Joe.
Track Name: Party Girls of the U.S.A.
Party girls of the U.S.A.
They come from a long, long ways away
Party girls of the U.S.A.
They'll steal your heart, and go back to L.A.
Track Name: Yearning
Forget the thought, you knew it all
Yearning to walk before you crawl
Maybe you've really tried too hard to say good-bye
Maybe too much was expected of you

Grow older

Rest on the laurels that you need
And bear the brunt apologies
Maybe you'll really try to rectify your time
And wonder by and by we're all meant to

Grow older
Track Name: Pepsi Blue
Last night I drank until I fell asleep
And when I woke again you said that you would leave
To get a bag of milk, or something of that ilk
Oh no, I spoiled my chance, oh misery

I miss you, Pepsi Blue
It's nice we two, reveal the truth

I told you once, or twice, or twenty times before
Pay close attention to the people you've ignored
A wanton woman spurns a morbid man
It's true, though mainly one they cannot stand

I miss you, Pepsi Blue
It's nice we two, reveal the truth

Would you believe?